The Village of Crystal Lake

Nov 7th, 2006 Election.
Mission accomplished! But falls short by 98 votes.
The Village Creation Group accomplished the main goal of meeting all the legal requirements and bringing the Village to a vote.
Sure we would have liked the first vote to be for the Charter Commission members and later a Charter vote.
We obviously fell short on politics and education of the public. The rumors, misinformation and outright lies circulated better than the facts. However, The people have spoken, they oppose the idea and oppose the $248,000 per year offered to them to run their and improve their area.
Now what? Community awareness of the Village is here, it will be interesting to see what happens to Crystal going forward.
Maybe after the two year waiting period and with another group of people will make it happen.
Knowing now all the facts, figures, people, and having two years worth of losses it should be much easier to present a proposed Village should it be brought back to the table. Ultimately a future Village could even turn out better as some issues were not know until later in the process.
A very special thanks to 50+ people involved that contributed to the Process.

Village Information...
Information Packet - 4 pages
Map of the proposed Village of Crystal Lake
Fact Sheet
FAQ List - Frequently Asked Questions List
Procedure - Schedule of events

Unbiased information From the Montcalm Alliance
Crystal News Release.pdf  March 21, 2006
Crystal News Release2.pdf June 21, 2006

State of Michigan
   State revenue sharing Crystal, Edmore, Sheridan, McBride
Boundary Commission
Home Rule Act 278
MML / Michigan Municipal League
   ACT51 Revenue Calculation for 2006-2007
CLA - Crystal Lake Association
Village of Lake Isabella - Recommended visit, newest Village in Michigan. Similar Size to Village of Crystal.

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